Our Values

Key values on which our business practises are built upon


  • Integrity

This is the firm's fundamental value and the cornerstone our behaviour towards clients. Integrity includes the identification and management of potential conflicts of interest as well as any other behaviour that might damage the reputation of the firm and its clients.

  • Service Excellence

Quite simply, only the best will do. Whether in analysing options, discussing a strategic review, presenting an investment proposal, managing a tailor made multi-asset class portfolio and evaluating risks, Granfeld is committed to providing solutions and service of the highest quality.

  • Confidentiality

Wealth is a private issue. We listen, a lot, in order to understand your needs and design the best solution for you. We make sure that confidential information is treated as such and we do not disclose any non-public information concerning our clients unless required so by the law.

  • Compliance

Adherence to the Laws and Regulations by Granfeld's employees and Board of Directors as well as exemplary control and full compliance to the firm's internal policies.

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