Investment Philosophy

Investing with experience

Investment  Philosophy

  • Risk Come First

We believe that a portfolio's return is only judged by its risk and whether an investment is suitable for the investor's profile

  • Prudent approach in advising and managing portfolios

Whatever the investment objective, from wealth preservation to income generation or capital appreciation

  • Focus on Absolute Return

Primary objective is to protect client's wealth

  • Strategic Asset Allocation

Is what effectively drives returns. We listen, a lot, in order to define your Investment Objectives

  • Top-down approach

Considering macroeconomic and geopolitical factors

  • Portfolio Construction

No constraints! Open architecture, best-in-class manager selection, direct investments in Bonds and Equities, ETFs, Structured Products, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Commodities

  • Proactive advisor and manager

Not bystanders to volatility. Flexibility in implementing tactical decisions to protect your assets

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